Vocabulary list for


  1. cultivate

    to work the land to grow crops

  2. flourish

    to grow well because conditions are good

  3. inefficient

    to do a task that is not organized well

  4. potion

    a liquid used for medicine

  5. system

    a method to do something

  6. essentials


  7. dye

    a substance used to color clothing

  8. stewardship

    responsible planning and management

  9. descend

    to be related to

  10. mana

    supernatural or divine power

  11. kamaʻāina

    a native-born person, someone well acquainted with his or her home

  12. limu

    seaweed, algae

  13. malihini

    a stranger or newcomer; someone unfamiliar with a place or custom

  14. makaʻāinana

    a commoner, the general populace or working class

  15. kuaʻāina

    rural, country lands; the people that live there

  16. mālama ʻāina

    to take care of the land

  17. wao akua

    a distant region of the mountain that was thought to be inhabited by spirits

  18. wao kanaka

    an inland region where people live and farm

  19. kula

    the plains or flat lands

  20. kahakai


  21. ma uka

    inland or towards the mountain

  22. ma kai

    seaward or towards the sea

  23. Papahānaumoku

    also known as Papa, a goddess of earth, often called “Earth Mother”

  24. Wākea

    husband to Papa and father to most of the Hawaiian islands, often called “Sky Father”

  25. Pua ke kō, kū mai ka heʻe

    When the sugarcane blossoms, the octopus appears.

  26. ʻaʻo

    a seabird (Puffinus puffinis newelli)

  27. aku

    skipjack tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis)

  28. hala

    pandanus (Pandanus odoratissimus)