Vocabulary list for


  1. ancestor

    distant relative that someone is descended from

  2. appeal

    request, call for help

  3. ʻawa

    the pepper plant; its roots are made into a potent drink which is a good offering for ʻaumākua

  4. communicate

    talk, speak

  5. compassionate

    care about, be sympathetic

  6. convey

    express, communicate

  7. discipline

    to punish

  8. dusk


  9. ʻenuhe


  10. exhaustion

    tiredness, fatigue

  11. honua

    earth, ground

  12. inspire

    motivate, encourage

  13. kaumaha ʻai

    food offerings given to the gods

  14. kupuna

    grandparent, ancestor

  15. kūpuna

    the plural form of kupuna

  16. lani

    sky, the heavens

  17. literal

    word-for-word, exact

  18. natural phenomena

    an extraordinary and wondrous occurrence that is not man-made, such as lightning

  19. offerings

    a contribution or gift for a god

  20. omen

    signal or indication

  21. remedy

    solution, way of putting something right

  22. repent

    to be sorry about something you did and understand that its wrong

  23. right the canoe

    to return the canoe to its correct state, right-side-up

  24. sacrifice

    an offering to a god

  25. subside

    to become less, to recede or diminish

  26. surge

    to rush forward or swell up

  27. traditional

    a customary practice, something done repeatedly for a long period of time

  28. utilize

    make use of

  29. waʻa


  30. worship

    to conduct religious rites