Vocabulary list for


  1. acknowledge

    recognize, be aware of something

  2. adorn

    decorate, beautify

  3. ancestor

    a distant relative that someone is descended from

  4. crop

    plants grown for food of other use

  5. descendant

    offspring, someone related to an ancestor

  6. expanse

    wide area

  7. flutter

    to flap or wave

  8. genealogy

    family tree, the members in a family and their relationship to one another

  9. nourishment

    the food we need to continue living

  10. quiver

    to tremble or shake

  11. siblings

    brother or sister; people that share at least one parent

  12. stalk

    the stem of the kalo plant, between the leaf and the kalo corm

  13. staple food

    main food of in a people’s diet

  14. stillborn

    when a baby dies before it is born

  15. sustain

    to continue, keep going