Vocabulary list for


  1. ceremony

    a formal event led by the prie

  2. garnish

    to add something to food to make the flavor better

  3. holdfast

    an organ at the base of the seaweed that attaches it to the rock

  4. juts

    to stick out

  5. launch

    to send the canoe into the water with a special ceremony

  6. poultice

    a warm, moist preparation placed on the cut to remove coral and alleviate pain

  7. properties

    a distinct feature of something

  8. pulp

    a soft, fleshy tissue

  9. recreation

    an activity done for pleasure not work

  10. reproduce

    to have offspring (children)

  11. sins

    a behavior that goes against a law

  12. tonic

    a drink that makes you feel better

  13. No definition

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