Vocabulary list for

Kāne text vocab

  1. adorn

    decorate, beautify

  2. animate

    cause to live, bring to life

  3. ʻawa

    ceremonial drink and offering

  4. combine

    merge or mix

  5. designate

    choose or name someone for a position

  6. hoʻomana kahiko

    traditional Hawaiian religion, before Christianity

  7. kinolau

    many bodies, plant and animal forms that gods can appear in or that are signs for particular gods

  8. moʻolelo


  9. natural phenomena

    an extraordinary and wondrous occurrence that is not man-made, such as lightning

  10. query

    a question; to ask something

  11. staple food

    main food of in a people’s diet

  12. sustain

    to continue, keep going

  13. sustenance

    the food and drink we need to live

  14. wai

    fresh water

  15. No definition

  16. No definition

  17. No definition

  18. No definition