Vocabulary list for


  1. established

    created, enacted, started

  2. infraction

    disobey or disregard rules

  3. violation

    disobey or disregard rules

  4. enforce

    to make people obey the laws

  5. kapu

    law, rules, regulations

  6. noa

    free from kapu, not restricted

  7. makaʻāinana

    the people, the working class of traditional Hawaiian society

  8. mana

    spiritual power, divine power

  9. abundance

    having a lot, excess

  10. spawning season

    time when fish lay eggs or give birth

  11. prosperous

    wealthy, rich, having all that you need

  12. fostered

    created, encouraged

  13. society

    a structured group of people

  14. imbalance

    state of disharmony; things are not fair or right

  15. depleted

    gone, used up, none remaining

  16. impact

    effect, influence, consequence

  17. extinct

    no longer in existence

  18. No definition

  19. No definition