Vocabulary list for


  1. hānau

    to give birth, to be born

  2. mele koʻihonua

    a genealogical chant, a mele about creation

  3. genealogy

    a family tree

  4. variation

    a difference

  5. era

    a period of time

  6. night; in the Kumulipo, pō is the darkness from which all things are born

  7. coral polyp

    the body of a single coral animal

  8. organism

    a living thing

  9. ao

    day, daytime, light

  10. a name for the different periods of development in the Kumulipo

  11. acknowledge

    to recognize as real or true

  12. observe

    to watch carefully

  13. cosmogony

    the study of the creation and evolution of the universe

  14. prophet

    a person that predicts the future

  15. lineage

    genealogy; a line of descendants

  16. counterpart

    related or matched parts

  17. No definition