Vocabulary list for


  1. witness

    to see something happen with your own eyes

  2. demigod

    a being that is half human and half god

  3. depict

    show or illustrate

  4. entice

    attract or tempt

  5. ʻoʻopu

    general name for any one of the five types of native stream fish of Hawaiʻi

  6. brindled

    having fur or hair that has irregular streaks of a darker color

  7. nurturing

    take care of, look after

  8. phenomena

    an extraordinary and wondrous occurrence that is not man-made, such as lightning

  9. kinolau

    many bodies, plant and animal forms that gods can appear in or that are signs for particular gods

  10. huli

    the top of the kalo corm and the stalk, cut off in order to replant it

  11. decline

    refuse, turn down

  12. Kahiki

    The lands beyond the horizon; ancestral homeland of the Hawaiian race, usually said to be the inlands of the South Pacific

  13. transform

    change, alter

  14. puaʻa


  15. Lono

    god of agriculture and rain

  16. equinox

    when the length of night and day are approximately equal

  17. solstice

    the longest or shortest days of the year

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