Vocabulary list for


  1. confident

    to feel sure or certain about something

  2. inspire

    to influence or guide by divine powers

  3. reproductive

    producing new life or offspring

  4. kinolau

    many bodies, plant and animal forms that gods can appear in or that are signs for particular gods

  5. kuahu

    an altar; a place where sacrifices or offerings are given to a god or gods

  6. hula kuahu

    altar hula or sacred hula, taught in a formal hālau setting with an altar and accompanying protocol and kapu

  7. hālau

    a long house, as for storing canoe or teaching hula

  8. hālau hula

    a hula “school” referring to the group of students and teacher or to the building where the group practices

  9. kapu

    that must be followed

  10. indicative

    to act as a symbol or indicator

  11. residence

    the place, especially the house, where someone lives

  12. invoke

    call on (a deity or spirit) in prayers, as a witness, or for inspiration

  13. moʻokūʻauhau


  14. vengeful

    wanting to get revenge or punish

  15. seclusion

    to be away from other people

  16. disregarded

    ignore, refuse to follow

  17. culprit

    the person or cause of wrongdoing

  18. beneficent

    good natured or good-doing

  19. haʻawina


  20. diligent

    putting much care and attention to detail in one’s work

  21. discipline

    to motivate oneself to finish a task

  22. No definition

  23. No definition