Vocabulary list for

Lono text vocab

  1. makahiki

    traditional Hawaiian ceremony for harvest and the new year

  2. agriculture


  3. hoʻoilo

    the wet or “winter” season

  4. ka poʻe kahiko

    the people of old

  5. fertile

    (soil) capable of producing crops

  6. cultivate

    to prepare land for growing crops

  7. solidify

    to make strong or unify

  8. manifestation

    a physical form or representation of an akua

  9. kinolau

    many bodies, plant and animal forms that gods can appear in or that are signs for particular gods

  10. natural phenomena

    an extraordinary and wondrous occurrence that is not man-made, such as lightning

  11. ceremony

    an act or series of acts that are conducted in a traditional way; a ritual

  12. obtain

    to acquire, get, come into possession

  13. crop

    a plant that is grown for food

  14. māpele

    a heiau for the worship of Lono and increasing food

  15. makua kāne hanauna

    a male relative of the parent generation, an uncle

  16. sacrifice

    something given as an offering to a god

  17. leeward

    the side of the island protected from the usual trade winds

  18. windward

    the side of the island exposed to or facing the usual trade winds

  19. prolific

    producing or creating a lot

  20. No definition

  21. No definition

  22. No definition