Vocabulary list for


  1. moʻolelo


  2. mele

    a song; traditional Hawaiian poetry

  3. kuleana

    responsibility, rights, duty

  4. create

    to make, invent, or establish

  5. destroy

    to demolish or wipe out; to ruin something

  6. acre

    a unit for measuring area, 43,560 square feet

  7. Kahiki

    an ancestral homeland, thought to be the island of the South Pacific

  8. suitable

    right for the purpose

  9. caldera

    a large crater on top of a volcano

  10. ancestor

    a distant relative that someone is descended from

  11. ʻaumakua

    an ancestral family guardian that takes on the form of an animal

  12. protocol

    rules for behavior, a code of conduct

  13. hoʻokupu

    a gift or tribute

  14. ʻaumākua

    The word ʻaumākua is the plural form of ʻaumakua