Vocabulary list for


  1. ʻawa

    a plant (Piper methysticum) whose root is made into a drink

  2. invasive

    a non-native plant or animal that dominates the habitat and forces out native life

  3. hīhīwai

    a type of snail (Neritinu graposa) found in brackish water; also called wī

  4. kinolau

    body form of a kupua or akua

  5. sediment

    dirt and other matter settled at the bottom of the river

  6. resource

    something valuable, or a supply of raw material that is used to produce other goods and services

  7. luna wai

    the person responsible for distributing water within the ahupuaʻa

  8. nutrient

    a substance in foods that is necessary for the human body

  9. migrate

    to move to another place in order to live there

  10. life cycle

    the cycle of birth, development, and eventual death of a living thing

  11. laden

    carrying a heavy load

  12. ʻoʻopu

    general name for native stream fish

  13. ʻōpae


  14. porous

    allowing liquid to pass through

  15. erosion

    the slow wearing away of rock and soil

  16. shroud

    to cover or conceal something

  17. sustenance

    something that supports life

  18. wai


  19. kanaka

    man, person