Vocabulary list for


  1. Moku o Keawe

    island of Chief Keawe

  2. Hawai'i nui kuauli

    Hawaiʻi of the great, green countryside

  3. mele

    a song; traditional Hawaiian poetry

  4. genealogy

    family tree, a listing or chart of family members showing relationships

  5. 'ōiwi

    native people

  6. ʻōlelo noʻeau

    wise traditional sayings

  7. ka poʻe kahiko

    the people of old

  8. hānau


  9. mele koʻihonua

    a genealogical chant; a recording of the creation of the Hawaiian world

  10. makahiapo

    a first born child

  11. Wākea

    the great expanse of the heavens, a male god

  12. Papahānaumoku

    the flat stratum of the earth, a female god

  13. reign

    an aliʻi’s reign is the time he is in power, the period of time that he is ruler

  14. prosperous

    thriving, successful, wealthy

  15. aliʻi

    a chief, ruler, royalty

  16. wahi pana

    places that have special meaning in history and culture

  17. moku

    a district, a large area of land

  18. traditions

    something customary, a usual practice, something done repeatedly for a long period of time

  19. diversity

    mixture or variety, not all alike

  20. ecosystem

    the living things and their environment

  21. rainforest

    usually a dense, warm forest that gets a lot of rain

  22. climate

    the type of weather

  23. lehua

    the flower of the ʻōhiʻa tree

  24. moʻo

    the lizard-like guardians of fresh water

  25. loʻi kalo

    wet land taro patch

  26. famine

    a time of extreme shortage of food

  27. aliʻi ʻai moku

    an aliʻi that rules a moku, or district, such as Puna on Hawaiʻi Island

  28. generation

    a time period; the same stage of descent from a common ancestor

  29. innovation

    creation of new ideas or methods; advances or improvements

  30. kai māʻokiʻoki

    a sea with streaks or variations. This means the sea sometimes looks like there are paths or currents on its surface

  31. heiau

    a place of worship for traditional Hawaiian religion

  32. ʻāina


  33. district

    a region, a large area of land