Vocabulary list for

Kū text vocab

  1. akua

    a god or goddess

  2. kuleana

    responsibility, rights, duty

  3. provide

    supply or make available

  4. manifestation

    a visible, physical form of a divine being

  5. kānaka

    plural form of kanaka, person; usually meaning the people or the general populace

  6. preside

    be in charge of or control

  7. invoke

    call upon a greater power, to pray to or summon

  8. kinolau

    many bodies, plant and animal forms that gods can appear in or that are signs for particular gods

  9. counterpart

    a partner or corresponding person

  10. correspond

    matched up with, related

  11. posture

    the way you stand or sit, the way the body is situated

  12. domain

    the area or realm under one’s control

  13. ʻōʻō

    digging stick

  14. abundant

    plenty, much

  15. ka poʻe kahiko

    the people of old

  16. sorcery

    magical powers