Vocabulary list for


  1. alphabetic literacy

    literacy based on reading, writing, and understanding an alphabet; distinct from other kinds of literacy

  2. assimilate

    become part of a larger community or cultural, often at the expense of your own cultural identity and practice

  3. biological

    having to do with the study of living organisms

  4. bolstered

    supported or strengthened botanical – having to do with the study of plants

  5. coalesce

    for smaller pieces to come together to form a larger thing cobble – to put something together from whatever parts are available

  6. crustacean

    a type of animal known as an arthropod, that often have shells called exoskeletons. Crabs, shrimp, and lobsters are well-known examples of crustaceans.

  7. geological

    having to do with the study of rocks and the makeup of the Earth

  8. grammatical

    having to do with the systemic rules of how language is structured

  9. indigenous

    originating from a particular place, native

  10. language of instruction

    the language that is used to teach in

  11. linguistic

    having to do with the study of how languages work

  12. mission

    often refers to a task or a job that is undertaken, but in this context, it refers to a ministry that is sanctioned by a religious organization to preach in a particular place, often to bring aid and/or convert people to their beliefs

  13. passionate

    filled with strong emotion

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